Potomac Region Calendar

Open Water Swimming Practice

12:00am – 9:45am every from June 11, 2017 to September 17, 2017

North Cove, Commercial Pier at National Harbor, MD 20745
165 Water Street
National Harbor MD 20745

Contact us to get involved:

No additional volunteers are needed at this time.

Sign up prior to arrival at Wave One Capital - Practices and Events - http://www.feelthewater.com

SOVA Area 26 Potomac River Dolphins typically start participating after June State Games. Unified training occurs on Sunday mornings at 8:30 AM - 9:45 AM and Wednesday evenings around 1 1/2 hours before sunset (check website each week, start time varies as the season sunset changes) from May 11th to Sept 20th - National Harbor Place protected cove.  

Partners will need to complete volunteer Class A application form before training begins with athletes.

Additional information required to participate: Athletes mus be comfortable swimming 500 yards in the pool nonstop (about 20 lengths or 10 laps in a 25 yard pool). All new athletes must have a valid medical on file.

Athlete must wear a bathing suit and bring bathing cap, goggles, towel, and a drink. See WaveOne website for more information. No fee for Special Olympic athletes and unified partners.