Potomac Region Calendar

Area 26 Tennis Training (Fairfax)

September 11  6:00pm –7:00pm

Penderbrook Tennis Courts
3704 Golf Trail Lane
Fairfax VA 22033

Contact us to get involved:

Volunteers needed.


To register, please e-mail the following information to todd@roti.cc:

1.Name, age, and approximate tennis ability of athlete (beginner, intermediate or advanced)

2.Date of birth

3.Contact information for athlete and/or a parent/guardian/counselor (phone and e-mail);

If you do not have e-mail access, please call Todd Roti at 703-220-8227 with this information.

All athletes will receive an e-mail confirming their registration status.

General Requirements

All athletes must wear non-marking tennis shoes.PLEASE no boots, running shoes, or other shoes with dark soles that may mark the courts.

All athletes must have an up-to-date Special Olympics medical and release form on file before the session starts.

Athletes are responsible for their own transportation to and from each practice.