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Spread the Word to End the Word® Day

March 1 all day


Contact us to get involved:

The purpose of the Special Olympics initiative is to Spread the Word to End the Word® is to raise peoples’ awareness of the derogatory use of the R-Word (retard or retarded) and its negative effects on people with intellectual disabilities, as well as their families and friends. However, this campaign is about more than just raising awareness of the R-word; it is also about changing attitudes of segregation and hate, to attitudes of acceptance and respect.

Holding an R-Word Campaign in your area will educate those in your community about the R-Word, why it is important to eliminate it from everyday language, and how to spread the message to others. Visit for more information about how to hold an R-Word Campaign in your community or school, and find Special Olympics near you to contact your Region Director for help getting started!