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Special Olympics Unified Champion Schools brings youth with and without intellectual disabilities together through education and sports to create school communities of acceptance and respect. The resources below are intended to help youth, programs and educators who are looking to become more involved with the Special Olympics movement. The Office of Special Education Programs at the US Department of Education (OSEP) has supported Special Olympics Unified Champion Schools in creating communities of inclusion and shaping attitudes on school campuses across the United States.

For questions about any of the below tools, please contact Val Reinford, Vice President of Local Program Services, at, or call her at 804.726.3036.

Additional resources also are located on Special Olympics Inc.'s site

Champions Together
Champions Together student activation resources, plus administrative forms for teachers/faculty/staff, are now located on our Champions Together Resources page.

Unified Sports®
Unified Sports® resources are now located on our Unified Sports Resources page.

NEW! Unified Sports® Video Series
The Unified Sports® video series is an accessible, easy to understand collection of informational videos for school administrators, Unified Sports® teammates, coaches and officials. Each video provides insight on the value of Unified Sports® and their respective roles on and off the field of play. 

  • Unified Sports - School Administrators: this video provides elementary, middle and high school administrators an overview of Unified Sports, including the benefits a Unified Champion School can bring to their students and school community. School administrators, superintendents and athletic directors talk from personal experience the power of Unified Sports, and provide insight on the value of inclusive sports, inclusive student leadership and full-school engagement activities. 
  • Unified Sports - Coaches: Coaches share their insight on the keys to being a successful Unified Sports coach and the role they play in ensuring meaningful involvement on the field and fostering social inclusion off the field.
  • Unified Sports - Teammates: Teammates share their perspective on the value of Unified Sports, on the field expectations and off the field benefits. 
  • Unified Sports - Officials: Officials share their experiences on the role they play in ensuring fair and safe Unified Sports competition compared to the role staff play in managing player domination.
  • Unified Sports & Inclusion: Teammates and coaches talk about the power Unified Sports can have in building friendships at school and in the community.

Special Olympics Education Video
More than 2000 schools are involved in Unified Champion Schools worldwide. This video talks more about the Unified Champion Schools program, its impact and how we can work together to build stronger school communities. For a high-resolution copy of the video, please contact Assistant Vice President of Media, Marketing and Brand Holly Claytor.

Unified Clubs
Unified Clubs bring together students with and without disabilities for sports, games, community service, school events, and most of all, to have fun! The new Unified Club logo can be downloaded here in EPS + JPG (for reference) formats; please replace “School Name” in the EPS file with your school’s information. For additional Unified Schools resources, please contact Holly Claytor, Assistant Vice President of Media, Marketing & Brand.

Little Feet Meets
Little Feet Meets Summary
The Little Feet Meets summary provides a description of a Little Feet Meet, details on how the event is organized and a sample schedule.

Little Feet Meet Preschool Stations
Once you're ready to host a Little Feet Meet, you can find descriptions of the 11 Young Athletes stations for preschool students here, as well as the tools and equipment needed for each.

School Wide Engagement
Little Feet Meets are great ways to engage your entire school community. This resources provides a list of ideas for how elementary schools can involve all students in Unified Champion Schools.

Big Feet Meets
Big Feet Meet Summary
The Big Feet Meet summary provides a description of a Big Feet Meet, details on how the event is organized, and a sample schedule.

Track Event Descriptions
Once you're ready to host a Big Feet Meet, you can find details about how to administer each track and field event here.

R-Word Summary
The first Wednesday in March is Spread the Word to End the Word day. This resources shares more details about the R-word campaign and ways you can activate in your school. Order your free supplies to support this initiative today. Additional r-word resources are available on the Special Olympics Inc. Spread the Word to End the Word resources site.

Choose to Include
The Choose to Include campaign reminds students that when we give others the chance to fulfill their dreams, everyone wins. Take the pledge and Choose to Include. Order your free supplies to support this initiative today. 

Get Into it®
Get Into It Summary
Get Into It is a curriculum that helps educate, motivate and activate students of all ages to be advocates for social change. This resources share more details about the program, and how to get started.

Youth Leadership Forums
Youth Leadership Forums are an opportunity for youth leaders to share ideas ideas of inclusive activities that have helped to educate and motivate their school community. Below are some examples of inclusive activities and recordings of previous forums.
Yorktown High School Spread the Word video
Youth Forum - Northside, Lee & Yorktown High Schools, January 28, 2016

After High School
Graduation from high school signifies the end of one phase of your life and the beginning of a new one. We invite any student with an intellectual disability who is approaching graduation to participate in a community-based Area program for continued sports experiences. Check out our transition flyer for more details. 

Champions Together Resources

Visit our Champions Together Resources page for Champions Together student activation resources and administrative forms.

Champions Together Resources

Unified Sports® Resources

Visit our Unified Sports® Resources page for information on activating Unified Sports® programs in your school.

Unified Sports® Resources