Athlete Eligibility Lists

On the lists below are the athletes who are currently eligible for the 2019 Basketball Sports Season. Any athletes who are on this list are athletes who have a valid and current medical and release on file through March 4, 2019. Athletes who are not named on these lists are not eligible to attend practices, local, regional or state competitions. Athletes who are not on this list must turn in a valid medical and release before they are allowed to practice or compete. (Click here to read Special Olympics, Inc., General Rules, Article 2 on Athlete Eligibility for any questions on what makes an athlete eligible.) Athletes who need to fill out a medical form may find one here. Athletes should not be registered for any local, regional or state competition unless a valid form is on file with the Harrisonburg office. The last date to turn in a form for the Basketball Sports Season is January 22nd. No forms will be accepted after this date and any athletes not on the eligible list after the posted date will be considered ineligible from Special Olympics Virginia until a valid form is turned in. 

Athlete Eligible Lists by Area

If you have any questions on any athletes on or missing from this list, you should contact Jennifer Gordon at

If you have questions on individual athletes, please email Jennifer Gordon.  Please speak with your Area Coordinator if you have any questions on your athlete's eligibility. 

Lists were pulled on Thursday, January 17th.