Volunteer Eligibility Lists

The lists below contain Special Olympics Virginia volunteers and their Class A status as of the date the list was pulled. Please note that in order to attend local, regional or state level competitions, all coaches, chaperones and partners should be Class A eligible (click here to read Special Olympics Virginia's Volunteer Eligibility Policy for any questions on what makes a volunteer eligible). Additionally, in order to be listed as the Head Coach, the volunteer must complete the Concussion Awareness Training as required by our insurance carrier. All teams must have one volunteer who is listed as the Head Coach and all individual sports must have one person who is listed as the Head Coach.

Any person who is in a position of authority over an athlete should be a Class A Volunteer and for the safety of our athletes should not be allowed to volunteer until all Class A requirements are met. This includes, but is not necessarily limited to, coaches, chaperones, partners, HODs, etc.

Volunteer Status Types

Class A Eligible Coach: Volunteer has completed their Class A application, background check, Protective Behaviors Training, and Concussion Training and is fully eligible to volunteer in any position.

Class A Eligible Non-Coach: Volunteer has completed their Class A application, background check, and Protective Behaviors Training, and is fully eligible to volunteer but may not coach.

Class A Eligible (no driving): Volunteer may not transport athletes or drive on behalf of Special Olympics Virginia in any capacity.

Class A Eligible Minor: Volunteer is fully eligible to volunteer.

Class A Eligible - Pending: Protective Behaviors: Volunteer has completed their Class A application and the background check has cleared but they have not completed their Protective Behaviors training which is required for eligibility.

Pending - missing information: Information is needed from the volunteer in order to complete the processing of their Class A form or background check. They should contact the Director of Volunteer Services for more information.

Volunteer Eligibility Lists by Area (Please note that the date is the day that the list was updated. If you have submitted forms since this date then they may not be reflected in the lists below.) If you have any questions on any volunteers on or missing from this list, you should contact us at volunteers@specialolympicsva.org.

*Please note: Some people on these lists may be "Pending Protective Behaviors" which means that they are NOT currently eligible and will not be eligible until they complete the Protective Behaviors.

*If someone is missing from this list then their background check has expired and they will need to submit a new Class A form.

Below are the expired volunteer lists pulled on 1-4-19.

As of July 1, 2018 we are no longer able to run background checks when people expire. From this point forward everyone will need to submit a new Class A form.