ABLEnow Feet Meet Schedule Announced

“As a mom, all I want is for my child to participate and be accepted.”

It’s what we all want, really. A more inclusive and accepting community. An equal playing field.

So this spring, we are going for gold!

In March, April and May across Virginia, thousands of school-age athletes will participate in the ABLEnow Feet Meet Series, which includes Little Feet Meets, Meet in the Middle events and Big Feet Meets. These Unified Sports® events are a way for schools to engage students with and without intellectual disabilities during a training season and culminating “Feet Meet.”

For students with disabilities, the Feet Meet events serve as a public celebration of meeting key developmental and social milestones. Students without disabilities can practice and compete with their team, as well as act as Feet Meet facilitators and fans. Together, we’ve created a new space for students to form friendships based on shared values instead of differences. We’re changing the game. 

“We were excited to start our unified program, but did not expect the impact it would have on our school,” said Eurith Bowen, a Special Education teacher at Kenmore Middle School in Arlington. “Now our kids are the cool kids and everyone wants to be their teammate.”

The Feet Meets are one of the highlights of the school year for many students with and without disabilities.

"I remember never feeling as whole as I did then, and I really found the best version of myself through engaging with the athletes and seeing their joy," says Alex Ritchie, former Feet Meet facilitator and fan. 

About ABLEnow: The Feet Meet Series is sponsored by ABLEnow, a new way to save, invest and pay for qualified disability-related expenses. ABLEnow is the national ABLE savings program offered by the Commonwealth of Virginia. Now, eligible individuals can save up to $15,000 a year without endangering eligibility for certain benefit programs critical to their health and well-being. These tax-advantaged accounts help level the playing field so individuals with disabilities can save for independence, greater financial security and a better quality of life. Learn more and start your savings at                                                                                                                                                                     

To find an ABLEnow Feet Meet Series event near you, check out the schedule below.                          

DateFeet Meet Event LocationTime
3/27/18Virginia Beach Little Feet MeetTallwood High School9am- 1pm
3/28/18Suffolk Little Feet MeetKings Fork High School9am - 1pm
4/11/18King George Big Feet Meet King George High School9am - 1pm
4/11/18Lexington-Rockbridge Big Feet MeetRockbridge County High School9am - 1pm
4/12/18Charlottesville-Albemarle Little Feet MeetAlbemarle High School9am - 1pm
4/12/18Norfolk Little Feet MeetOld Dominion University9am - 1pm
4/12/18Henrico Big Feet MeetHighland Springs High School9am - 1pm
4/13/18Prince George Little Feet MeetPrince George High School9am - 1pm
4/16/18Caroline Big Feet MeetCaroline High School9am - 1pm
4/16/18Hanover Big Feet MeetAtlee High School9am - 1pm
4/17/18Chesterfield Little Feet MeetJames River High School9am - 1pm
4/18/18Lancaster, Northumberland, Richmond County Feet MeetRappahannock High School9am - 1pm
4/19/18Campbell Little Feet MeetRustburg High School9am - 1pm
4/20/18Fredericksburg Big Feet MeetJames Madison High School 9am - 1pm
4/23/18Richmond Big Feet MeetSports Backers Stadium9am - 1pm
4/24/18Petersburg Big Feet MeetPetersburg High School9am - 1pm
4/25/18Manassas Big Feet MeetManassas Park High School9am - 1pm
4/25/18Roanoke Little Feet MeetNorthside High School9am - 1pm
4/25/18Colonial Heights Little Feet MeetColonial Heights High School9am - 1pm
4/27/18Richmond Little Feet MeetHuguenot High School9am - 1pm
4/30/18Essex Big Feet MeetEssex High School9am - 1pm
5/1/18Henrico Little Feet MeetJR Tucker High School9am - 1pm
5/2/18Henrico Meet in the MiddleCollegiate School9am - 1pm
5/5/18Loudoun Little Feet MeetFreedom High School9am - 1pm
5/16/18Bedford Big Feet MeetLiberty High School9am - 1pm
5/24/18Prince William Little Feet MeetSaunders Middle School9am - 1pm
5/30/18Falls Church Little Feet MeetMary Ellen Henderson Middle School9am - 1pm