Feet Meet Season Has Begun!

In April, May and June, hundreds of school-age athletes will participate in Little Feet Meets, Meet in the Middle events and Big Feet Meets across Virginia. These Unified Strategy for Schools® events are a way for schools to engage students with and without intellectual disabilities during a training season and culminating “Feet Meet.” Students without disabilities can practice and compete with their team, as well as act as meet facilitators and fans.

And all of these “feet” are helping us make big strides in building more inclusive school communities.

“The Little Feet Meet has been a huge blessing for my daughter and me,” said Monica Balduf. “Sarah loves the games and having fun with friends. I enjoy it because it gives me hope in her future and in other students. I see typical developing students choose to be a part of something bigger than them and out of the norm. They help students with different abilities feel success and pride in accomplishing something. As a mom, all I want is for my daughter to participate and be accepted. Events like the Little Feet Meet help teach others to not only include my daughter, but have fun participating with her.”

If you would like to cheer on these champs this spring, check out the below calendar to find an event near you!

April 7, Bedford Big Feet Meet, Liberty High School

April 8, Richmond Big Feet Meet, Maggie Walker Governor's School

April 11, Henrico Big Feet Meet, Sportsbackers Stadium

April 14, Hanover Little Feet Meet, Atlee High School

April 14, Charlottesville Little Feet Meet, Albermarle High School

April 14, Campbell County Little Feet Meet, Brookville High School

April 15, Henrico Little Feet Meet, Freeman High School

April 19, Norfolk Little Feet Meet, Foreman Field

April 20, King George Big Feet Meet, King George High School

May 23, Roanoke Little Feet Meet, Northside High School

April 21, Chesterfield Little Feet Meet, James River High School

April 22, Richmond Little Feet Meet, Huguenot High School

April 29, Spotsylvania Little Feet Meet, Spotsylvania High School

April 29, Suffolk Little Feet Meet, Kings Fork High School

April 29, Henrico Meet in the Middle, Collegiate School