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Every day, Special Olympics inspires hope, confidence, and courage. Not only do we change the lives of our athletes, but also the lives of our coaches, families, volunteers and others who have the opportunity to take part.

Do you have a story to share? Tell us how Special Olympics has impacted your life, changed your community, improved your health, or touched your heart.

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We are HERE!!

I'm in San Juan, Puerto Rico this week with my Special Olympics Open Water swim team. We're having a blast and the parents are thrilled with the whole thing. None have been involved in anything of this level, so they…

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Parents In The Stands

Parents and friends in the stands are comparing seed times, waving their countries' flags and discussing their athletes' chances of winning, just like at the real Olympics. Ooops. We ARE the real Olympics! One of the neatest things at a…

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Puerto Rico parents and friends

Jenny, Always Ready

When I met Jennifer Mitchell, she was one of a group of seven Special Olympics athletes gathering near sunset to go for a training run to prepare for a triathlon. I was there to take photos of the team, a…

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Jenny, early in her 800-meter race in Puerto Rico

Getting to Know the Place

I arrived in San Juan today, and after getting settled and getting lunch, I went to the beach to see what was going on. The ocean was slamming big waves against a protecting wall of rocks, but the lagoon behind…

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Watch out behind you...

Small acts of advocacy make a difference

One of my summer interns, Kaitlyn Smith, told me this today: "During my internship I did some research to expand my knowledge on how to ensure that a wide variety of individuals could understand the information in my presentations (whether…

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Andrea and Kaitlyn

A Simple Story about Basketball

My son Mason is a Special Olympics basketball player in Virginia. He just finished his second season. As I was watching him before a practice, I noticed he was dribbling the ball without looking, just as naturally and confidently as…

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This is Mason.

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