My Daughter was Truly a Blessing

When my mom got pregnant at 37 the doctors wanted her to have a test to see if the baby would have disabilities but mom said no, I will take whatever God gives me, so that instilled in me that you love everyone and there are no exceptions.

So when I got pregnant with my first child I didn't know anything was wrong until she was about seven months old. The doctors sent us to a special center and did two weeks of testing.

After this the doctors took my husband and me into a room and said our precious daughter had a intellectual disability and that we should put her in an institution. I was totally shocked. I stood up and said no, we love our daughter and we are going home.

So I am so proud of my mom and dad to have instilled in us that everyone matters and there is no difference in anyone. Our daughter was such a blessing and she showed us unconditional love.

We lost her in 2000 at the age of 15. I believe she didn't get the right care because of her disabilities and that is not right.