The Boy who Could

My story is really my brother's. Thyroid deficient from birth he was considered "trainable" at best in the early 60's and retarded was the WORD ! Now 57, a special Olympics medalist in golf, retired after 35 years in the government , and starting a second career, he is the best example I can think of for what can be - and is - when we drop the negative descriptions , change our vocabulary, and go for what can be. We talk often, he and I, about how that word - that one word - made him feel. Our mother used it freely to describe who he was and explain all of his limitations. It made both of us cringe - and made him very sad. It made him want to scream "see ME" ; somebody please see ME and not what you imagine because of a word. He is such a competent person now - lives each day fully and is still pressing to learn, tackle new challenges, read another book, take a refresher in golf, and try jogging on his new hip after years of pain and disability. This is truly his story!