Area Leadership Resources

Thank you for serving Special Olympics Virginia at a grassroots level! We want to ensure that you, as an Area leader, have access to materials that will help you run your local program.

Additional resources including volunteer applications and forms can be found on our Volunteer Resources page.

Area Council Job Descriptions
Our area programs are run by volunteer Area Coordinators and Area Leadership Councils. Area Councils are the governing body of these programs. For a list of Area Council positions, visit our Area Volunteer Leadership section.

Logos, Branding Guidelines and Terminology Resources
For additional resources, such as logo guidelines, downloadable logos and terminology guidelines, visit our Media Resources section or email Holly Claytor, Assistant Vice President of Media, Marketing & Brand, at [email protected].

Code of Conduct Violations
Document and report inappropriate behaviors by volunteers or athletes, and develop an action plan to resolve the issue.
Code of Conduct Violation Recommended Actions
Code of Conduct Violation Conduct Report Form & Action Plan

Volunteer Resources
Volunteer applications, forms, trainings, and our privacy statement can be found in our Volunteer Resources section.

Athlete Resources
Find athlete participation and release forms, learn about our advancement selection process, and more in our Athlete Resources section.

Coaches' Corner
Our Coaches' Corner contains trainings, rules, and forms for coaches in your Area program.

Contact Us

Get in touch! Contact your Region Director or:

Vice President of Local Program Services
Val Reinford
[email protected]