Champions Together Resources

Changing the world is a team sport. Let's be champions together.

The resources below are intended to help you activate the Champions Together program in your school. We've included student activation resources, plus administrative forms for teachers/faculty/staff.

For a toolkit overview highlighting all the great resources you'll find, click here. For additional resources or questions, please contact Val Reinford, Vice President of Local Program Services, at [email protected], or call her at 804.726.3036.

Student Activation Resources

Champions Together Summary
This one-page flyer summarizes the program and shares how to get started in your school.

NEW! Fitness leads to better health and improved school performance. Learn how Central High School in Woodstock, VA implemented an inclusive physical fitness program that is student-led and fun for all. This school-day program supplements Central High School’s Champions Together practices, which are held twice weekly after school. In addition to improving students’ fitness, this program has transformed the school’s environment and led to meaningful and lasting interactions between students with and without intellectual disabilities. Learn more about it here

Event identity
Use this mark to help brand the Champions Together program. Several file formats are included below. The identity should appear on items in either all black or all white. The font used in the design is Billboard, and can be downloaded free here. Note the EPS file will select another similar font if you don't have the Billboard font downloaded. If additional file formats are needed or you have questions about how to use the identity, please contact Holly Claytor, Vice President, Development & Communications, at [email protected] or 804.726.3025.

Horizontal event identity

Vertical event identity

EPS black white EPS black white

Track jersey template
Use this template to set up your track jersey. The school name can be changed as appropriate. The font used for the school name is Billboard, and can be downloaded free here. Note the EPS file will select another similar font if you don't have the Billboard font downloaded. We've included templates for short and long named schools as the placement varies slightly.

Long named school - jersey

Short named school - jersey


Track uniform T-shirt template
Similar to the jersey template, this shows a layout for a track uniform T-shirt. As with the jersey, the school name can be changed as appropriate. The font used for the school name is Billboard, and can be downloaded free here. Note the EPS file will select another similar font if you don't have the Billboard font downloaded. We've included templates for short and long named schools as the placement varies slightly.

Long named school - T-shirt

Short named school - T-shirt


Champions Together T-shirt design
In addition to the uniform designs, we've included a design for a black Champions Together T-shirt. We've included JPEG, PDF and EPS files below. If you need to reverse the colors to print on a white T-shirt, we suggest making the identity (on the shirt back) black, making the "changing the world" text red, and making the #playunified text black. Please contact us if your vendor has questions.


Champions Together sticker/button
Two designs are included for Champions Together stickers/buttons. You can easily drop the graphics into an standard label document to print stickers in house.


Champions Together recruitment posters
Two posters are available - one focused on track & field recruitment; the second on club member recruitment. Both PDF files are set up as 11x17 posters, but can be printed on 8.5x11 paper if needed, and include space at the bottom to add in specific meeting/event details.

Track & field recruitment poster
Champions Together Club recruitment poster

Champions Together table signs
Two table signs are available - one is set up as a vertical 8.5x11 sign either to be hung off the table, mounted on a board and stood up on the table, hung on a wall, or handed out. The second is a table tent. It uses a standard 8.5x11 sheet of paper, and folds to look like a triangle (mock up below). Both can be used when setting up a recruitment table or station.

Table sign Table tent
Table tent mock up

Champions Together banners
These banners could be printed and hung at an event, or outside at the track to promote the program. Two designs are included - one red, one green - in two different set ups: one that is 8 feet wide, 3 feet high; the second is 8 feet high, 3 feet wide. All PDF files include both banner colors and printer crop marks. The PDF files are too large to house here, so please contact Holly Claytor, Vice President, Development & Communications, at [email protected] or 804.726.3025 for a link to download the graphics.

Champions Together Video
The video is available here on YouTube: If you or your school is interested in receiving hard copies of this video, please email Holly Claytor.

NEW! Unified Sports® Online Course
This free, one-hour course is designed to explain Special Olympics Unified Sports and offer guidance on how to become a successful Unified Sports coach. Hosted by ESPN’s Kevin Negandhi, the course includes historical background, testimonials, tutorials and quizzes. 

NEW! Unified Sports® Video Series - The Unified Sports® video series is an accessible, easy to understand collection of informational videos for school administrators, Unified Sports® teammates, coaches and officials. Each video provides insight on the value of Unified Sports® and their respective roles on and off the field of play.

  • Unified Sports - School Administrators: this video provides elementary, middle and high school administrators an overview of Unified Sports, including the benefits a Unified Champion School can bring to their students and school community. School administrators, superintendents and athletic directors talk from personal experience the power of Unified Sports, and provide insight on the value of inclusive sports, inclusive student leadership and full-school engagement activities.
  • Unified Sports - Coaches: Coaches share their insight on the keys to being a successful Unified Sports coach and the role they play in ensuring meaningful involvement on the field and fostering social inclusion off the field.
  • Unified Sports - Teammates: Teammates share their perspective on the value of Unified Sports, on the field expectations and off the field benefits.
  • Unified Sports - Officials: Officials share their experiences on the role they play in ensuring fair and safe Unified Sports competition compared to the role staff play in managing player domination.
  • Unified Sports & Inclusion: Teammates and coaches talk about the power Unified Sports can have in building friendships at school and in the community.

Special Olympics Unified Physical Education Resources
This toolkit is one in a series of Special Olympics Unified Champion Schools resources to conduct Unified Physical Education. Unified Physical Education provides a unique opportunity for students with and without disabilities to come together through ongoing educational and physical activities, using the power of Special Olympics. Each document may be used individually or in combination with others. The documents outline strategies to support educators with inclusive school environments. These resources are designed as examples and samples that can be modified to meet the needs of each individual classroom or school district.

Fundraising Summary
There are many ways to raise funds for your Champions Together team. Schools who agree to activate all 3 Champions Together components within 2 years will be reimbursed for expenses up to $2500. This one-page flyer includes four ways to raise funds. Please contact us if you're interested in any of these events and we can share additional resources. If you have planned a successful Champions Together fundraiser that's not on this list, please also reach out so we can share details with other participating schools. For additional details about the revenue share guidelines for Champions Together schools, click here .

After High School
Graduation from high school signifies the end of one phase of your life and the beginning of a new one. We invite any student with an intellectual disability who is approaching graduation to participate in a community-based Area program for continued sports experiences. Check out our transition flyer for more details. 

Administrative Forms

Champions Together One Page Flyer
This flyer shares a brief overview of the Champions Together program.

Champions Together Summary
Here you can find more details about the Champions Together program requirements, to include allowable expenses for the $2500 grant.

Champions Together Grant FAQs
These FAQs share answers to commonly asked questions regarding the Champions Together start-up grants for high schools, including more details on the requirements that must be met to receive the grant funding.

Champions Together Commitment Form
Ready to commit? Complete this Champions Together form to get started.

School Contacts
Use this form to identify key contacts for your Champions Together program.

Activity Tracking Form
Use this form to report school activities such as Unified Sports, r-word campaigns, pep rallies, Partner's Clubs, etc.

Coach Stipend Invoice Form
Use this form to request reimbursement for coach stipends during the first year.

Reimbursement Form
Use this form to request reimbursement for Champions Together expenses during the first year.

Track Event Descriptions
Once you're ready to host a Champions Together Track & Field event, you can find details about how to administer each track and field event here.

Champions Together Guide
This resource shares additional guidelines on how to form an interscholastic track & field team, to include the suggested competition format.

Looking For More?

For additional school resources and details on other Special Olympics' school programs, visit our School Program Resources page.

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