Hydration Information


As an athlete, drinking water is important when refreshing your body and keeping your temperature under control is necessary. The more exercise that is done, the more water that will be needed. The Fit 5 model recommends drinking at least 5 bottles (16-20 oz) a day. A when consuming water make sure you are drinking throughout the day, before and after meals and during sports competition. Drinking too much water in one sitting can be extremely harsh on your body and can cause pain and damage to your body. To best track how much water you are consuming on a daily basis, carry around a water bottle and track how many times you have filled it up though out the day.

The most important variable to consider when drinking is where or not it is a healthy choice or not. A quick healthy reminder for all athletes is to stay away from sugary drinks like soda, energy drinks, and sport drinks. These sugary drinks can give you unwanted weight gain and they also have added caffeine, which does not help you maintain your hydration. it is good to drink small amount of low fat milk and 100% juices, make sure to limit these to no more than a few cups per day. The most obvious healthy drink alternative is pure water,but to spice things up a bit you can try sparking water or add a few pieces of fruit. Dehydration can be extremely harmful to your overall health, to avoid any risk associated with dehydration always make sure there is a source of water or liquid around when exercising.

What you choose to drink