Feet Meet Season Underway Across the State

April 4th, 2019 - In April, May and June, hundreds of school-age athletes will participate in Little Feet Meets, Meet in the Middle events and Big Feet Meets across Virginia. These Unified Strategy for Schools® events are a way for schools to engage students with and without intellectual disabilities during a training season and culminating “Feet Meet.” Students without disabilities can practice and compete with their team, as well as act as meet facilitators and fans.

And all of these “feet” are helping us make big strides in building more inclusive school communities.

April 9, Hanover Big Feet Meet, Atlee High School

April 10, King George Meet in The Middle Feet Meet, King George High School

April 10, Prince George Little Feet Meet, Prince George High School

April 10, Roanoke Little Feet Meet, Northside High School

April 10, Albemarle/Charlottesville Little Feet Meet, Albemarle High School

April 11, Prince William Little Feet Meet, Parkside Middle School

April 11, Lynchburg Little Feet meet, Heritage High School

April 12, Petersburg Big Feet Meet, Petersburg High School

April 12, Kenmore Middle School National Banner Recognition Presentation

April 15, Caroline Meet In The Middle, Caroline High School

April 16, Henrico Big Feet meet, Varina High School

April 18, Richmond Big Feet Meet, Huguenot High School

April 18, Colonial Heights Little Feet Meet, Colonial Heights High School

April 18, Lancaster, Northumberland, Richmond County Meet In the Middle; Rappahannock High School

April 22, Chesterfield North Little Feet Meet, James River High School

April 23, Richmond Little Feet Meet, Huguenot High School

April 25, Henrico Little Feet Meet, Freeman High School

April 30, Chesterfield South Little Feet Meet, Matoaca High School

May 1, Henrico Meet In The Middle, Collegiate School

May 3, Essex Meet In The Middle, Essex High School

May 11, Champions Together Region Meet, Cosby High School

May 11, Champions Together Region Meet, Freedom High School

May 16, Bedford Big Feet Meet, Liberty High School

May 23, Hillsville Little Feet Meet, Hillsville Elementary School

May 24, Stafford Big Feet Meet, Colonial Forge

May 30, Falls Church Little Feet Meet, Mary Ellen Henderson

May 30, Prince William Little Feet Meet, Saunders Middle School

June 6, Portsmouth Little Feet Meet, Wilson High School