Roanoke Sox headed to Nashville

The Roanoke Sox Unified softball team are headed to Nashville for the Special Olympics North America Softball Championship. The team of  unified 8 partners and 7 athletes will represent Virginia proudly. 

The Tournament

The international tournament will feature more than 250 Special Olympics athletes and Unified partners, representing 17 teams from 14 U.S. and Canadian Special Olympics Programs. The games will take place over 3 days from August 15-18. 

Izzy Nelson, a unified partner on the team, is looking forward to the event, "Playing alongside these athletes is just incredible. They are so competitive and dedicated to what they are doing and sure we'll be having fun but also we want to win at the same time." 

As for athlete Kareem Poindexter, he can hardly wait to travel to Nashville, "It's like a whole new world!" 

Meet the Team

Matthew Hall Athlete
Carl Harless Athlete
Kareem Poindexter Athlete
Preston Rhodes Athlete
Zachary Shampney Athlete
Allen Stacey Athlete
Brittany Campbell Partner
Jeremy Eubank Partner
Michael Aaron Hall Partner
Rae Hall Gravely Partner
Bryan Harris Partner
Craig Lyle Partner
Izabel Nelson Partner
Madelyn Campbell Sadler Partner
Mark Shannon Smith Athlete
Leonard Wedge Coach
Herbert Vines                     Athlete
Clarence "Bo" Hall Coach