Team Virginia Readies for USA Games

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The 2018 Special Olympics USA Games will showcase the awe-inspiring abilities of thousands of athletes with intellectual disabilities, promote the ideals of acceptance and inclusion through sport, and celebrate the transformative power of Special Olympics.

Held in Seattle, Washington July 1-6, the 2018 Games will host more than 3,500 athletes and coaches representing 50 state Programs and the District of Columbia, along with the support of tens of thousands of volunteers and spectators, who will compete in 14 Olympic-type team and individual sports. The 2018 USA Games will also join the global celebration of Special Olympics’ 50th Anniversary in honor of Eunice Kennedy Shriver’s commitment to those with intellectual disabilities.

In Virginia, 46 athletes, 18 coaches, 2 youth leaders and 4 Special Olympics staff members will make the journey. Learn more about Team Virginia below and be sure to follow along on ESPN and ABC for Games' coverage July 1-6! 

Please help us extend an extra special thank you to our Team Virginia sponsors and honorary coaches, too: 

  •  Honorary Coaches: Brian Busbee from Eagle Construction & Greg Williams
  • United 
  • Wawa Foundation 
  • Rite Aid Foundation
  • Virginia Credit Union
  • Avalon Bay/SAVERS

Television Coverage

Track & Field

“Seeing how fast others can
run motivates me to be faster.”
“I feel proud for challenging
myself in a sport.”
“We can all be champions!” Marquay enjoys basketball,
track, and spending time with
his brother.


  “I hope to be happy
regardless of the score.”
"People can learn to value
everyone's unique abilities." 
“I like being a part of a team
that works together.”
“Just always do your best.”
“From the Special Olympics,
people can learn to accept
“There are no disabilities.” 
“We know how to support one
another and have fun.”
“I love all aspects of the
Special Olympics.”
“I love to see my teammates do
their best.”
“From the Special Olympics, 
people can learn to appreciate 
what individuals with
disabilities can do.”


“From the Special Olympics,
people can learn to wait for
other people to take their turn.”
“My favorite Special Olympics
moment was when I spoke at
the Closing Ceremony for
Summer Games.”
“Special Olympics is a lot of
fun and you can meet lots
of friends.”
“I am always trying to be a
better athlete and team


“I like watching other athletes, 
picking up on their skills
and hoping I can get better
with mine.”
“I hope to win gold for Robert
and do my best."
“Many people believe the
athletes learn from the
partners, but I think it’s the
other way around.”


“Everyone can enjoy sports.”
“People can learn to be good
to one another and be willing to
help one another.”


“I enjoy the camaraderie of competing and cheering each other on.”


“Everyone is a champion.” “There’s a whole new world
out there with inclusion
and Unified Sports!”
“My favorite part of
competing is winning.”
“Competing teaches me to
be a better leader, so that I
can teach others to better
“From Special Olympics,
people can learn how important
it is to have friendships.”
“Anyone can achieve.”
“From Special Olympics, people
can learn true sportsmanship.”
"What I enjoy most about
competing are the friendships
I make.”
“What I enjoy most about
competing is the friendship,
sportsmanship, and respect
from the other players.”
“I love seeing the athletes’
positive attitudes, no matter
if they’re winning or losing.”
“From Special Olympics, people
can learn what we can do."
“All people are the same.”
“The camaraderie with
teammates that sports bring
is second to none.”
“From Special Olympics,
people can learn how to
support one another.”
“You can overcome any task.”


“People can see that Special
Olympics athletes are willing
to work hard in order to
achieve their goals.”
“All individuals can achieve
great things.”
“If you have the desire
and passion, you can
achieve your goal.”
“From Special Olympics, people
can learn how to play as a team.”


“Being a Special Olympics
athlete makes me work
harder in competition and
makes me feel proud.”
“People with disabilities can
sometimes play better than
people without disabilities.” 

Youth Leadership Experience



Support Staff