The Power of Playing UNIFIED

Area 11 Coach Nancy Radford admits, in her 8 years coaching Special Olympics athletes, she wasn’t so sure about Unified Sports®. Now, after just one season coaching the Spotsylvania Dunkers, she gets it.

“Before, these athletes thought they weren’t as good. When we started playing Unified basketball, they realized they were just as good, and sometimes better. Unified Sports® has been life changing – for me as a coach, and for them.”

Unified Partner April Staton gets it, too. April, a chief deputy with the Salem City Sheriff’s Office, started playing Unified basketball with an Area 8 team in 2014, after serving as a volunteer and assistant coach.

“Unified Sports is an unbelievable opportunity to become a part of something much greater than we are as individuals. Being part of their team as a coach or a partner allows you to see and feel much more.”

Thanks, April and Nancy, for #playingunified. Want to learn more about Unified Sports® and how to start or join a unified team in your area? Visit our Unified Sports® page, or contact your Region Director and harness the power of UNIFIED.