Global Messengers

No one shares the Special Olympics story better than our athletes.

Our Global Messenger training program, sponsored by the Hometown Foundation, offers public speaking and presentation skills training to Special Olympics athletes.

Thanks to this program, athletes who join our Global Messenger speakers bureau are empowered to share, in their own words, what’s so special about Special Olympics.

Global Messengers become community leaders who communicate powerful stories of hope, acceptance, dignity and courage around the world. They help spread our mission and vision, as well as encourage the community to participate with Special Olympics as an athlete, sponsor or volunteer. Global Messengers have given speeches to schools, corporate and community groups across the Commonwealth, and have assisted with numerous fundraisers and Opening Ceremonies.

Want to spread the word about Special Olympics in the most inspirational way possible? Complete our Global Messenger Request Form to invite a Special Olympics Virginia Global Messenger to speak to your school, group, business, church, or at an event.

Global Messengers Class of 2021

Every two years since 2005, we recruit and train a new class of Global Messengers. The 2021 Class of Global Messengers has 12 participants and mentors. To get to know the current class of Global Messengers click on their names to read their bios.

Alberto Dominguez

Allison Van Doren

Anna Mutter

Conor Gallagher

Daniel Morales

Edward Sanford

James Tench

Jennifer Lin

Joe Melugin

Michelle Philip

Nicholas D'Elicio

Pat Lotsy

If you are a former or current Global Messenger, below you can record your Global Messenger opportunities so we can see the amazing work you are doing.  Fill out my online form.