A great athlete ensures every meal is balanced on a regular basis to ensure the body is in top shape for performance. Eating healthy doesn't necessary mean you have to only eat salads and fruit. An athlete has to focus their nutritional values in three specific times: before,during, and after a workout. The body requires energy: while it performs a certain activity, to keep the activity going and to recover from a certain activity.

Healthy Tip: Keep track of your weekly meals to ensure a healthy diet.
Healthy Tip: Keep track of your weekly meals to ensure a healthy diet.

The true definition of a healthy meal is a balanced well put meal, which includes greens, grains, dairy, and or meats. Daily meal should be split up into breakfast lunch and dinner, meanwhile snacking in between meals is not necessary unhealthy as long as the snacks are a healthy alternatives to junk food. Example of snacks can be apple slices and/or yogurt with berries.  See below to listen to athlete Julie Touhey as she gives you advice on building a healthy plate.

A huge barrier many are faced with is eating away from home, often times the most healthy habits are broken by a lack of proper food selecting skills. There are three main nutrient that the body needs to receive the proper fuel to function daily, these include carbohydrates, proteins and fats. (Video 2: Eating away from home) 

Carbohydrates fuels muscles and allow them to work stronger and longer. Examples include fruit and vegetables, as well as whole grains. 

Building and repairing muscles is done by a majority of the proteins you consume, examples of these are meats, fish, beans, eggs and protein shakes.

Fats are bad in large amounts, but in fact small amounts of fats are important for providing energy and storing vitamins and minerals.

The most effective way to track what you are eating is to meal prep all your meals. This method allows you to accurately measure exactly what you are putting into your body, and saves you the added stress of having to cook small meals through out the week. A typical meal prep is cooked during the weekend and is stored in containers in the refrigerator to be heated up later in the week.