ABLEnow Feet Meet Series Underway

"I remember never feeling as whole as I did then; I really found the best version of myself through engaging with the athletes and seeing their joy."

Alex Ritchie, former Feet Meet student facilitator, truly says it best – Special Olympics Virginia’s ABLEnow Feet Meet Series, which kicks off today, is guaranteed inspiration for participants and spectators alike.

So join us this spring as thousands of school-age athletes participate in the ABLEnow Feet Meet Series, which includes Little Feet Meets (elementary) and Big Feet Meets (middle and high). These Unified Sports® programs are a way for schools to engage students with and without intellectual disabilities throughout the school year.

For the students with disabilities, the Feet Meet events serve as a public celebration of meeting key developmental and social milestones. Students without disabilities can practice and compete with their team, as well as act as Feet Meet facilitators and fans. Together, we’re changing the game, creating a new space for students to form friendships based on shared values instead of differences.

“The ABLEnow program empowers people with disabilities to increase their independence, improve their financial security and achieve a better quality of life,” said Mary Morris, CEO of Virginia529, the agency that administers ABLEnow. “Our partnership with the Special Olympics Virginia allows us to answer questions about ABLEnow, promote inclusion and make sure families know about this new opportunity for individuals with disabilities to save for the future — just like everyone else.”

To find an ABLEnow Feet Meet Series event near you, check out the schedule below. Fans/community members are welcome to cheer at any Feet Meet. Please contact us at [email protected] with any questions. 

About ABLEnow: ABLEnow® is a national ABLE savings program for eligible Americans living with disabilities. Since its national launch in December 2016, ABLEnow has grown to be the country’s largest independent ABLE program, with accounts in all 50 states. Call 1-844-NOW-ABLE or visit to obtain information on the program. We encourage you to seek the advice of a professional concerning any financial, tax, legal, federal or state benefit implications related to opening and maintaining an ABLE account. Participating in this program involve investment risk including the possible loss of principal. For non-Virginia residents: other states may sponsor an ABLE plan offering state tax or other benefits not available through Virginia529’s program. ©2018 Virginia College Savings Plan. All Rights Reserved.


DateFeet Meet Event LocationTime
3/27/18Virginia Beach Little Feet MeetTallwood High School9am- 1pm
3/28/18Suffolk Little Feet MeetKing's Fork High School9am - 1pm
4/11/18King George Meet in the MiddleKing George High School9am - 1pm
4/12/18Charlottesville-Albemarle Little Feet MeetAlbemarle High School9am - 1pm
4/12/18Norfolk Little Feet MeetOld Dominion University9am - 1pm
4/12/18Henrico Big Feet MeetHighland Springs High School9am - 1pm
4/13/18Prince George Little Feet MeetPrince George High School9am - 1pm
4/16/18Caroline Meet in the MiddleCaroline High School9am - 1pm
4/20/18Hanover Big Feet Meet- RESCHEDULED Atlee High School9am - 1pm
4/17/18Chesterfield Little Feet MeetJames River High School9am - 1pm
4/18/18Lancaster, Northumberland, Richmond County Feet MeetRappahannock High School9am - 1pm
4/20/18Fredericksburg Little Feet MeetJames Madison High School 9am - 1pm
4/23/18Richmond Big Feet MeetSports Backers Stadium9am - 1pm
4/24/18Carroll County Little Feet MeetHillsville Elementary School9am - 1pm
4/26/18Manassas Meet in the MiddleManassas Park High School9am - 1pm
4/26/18Petersburg Big Feet MeetPetersburg High School9am - 1pm
4/27/18Roanoke Little Feet MeetNorthside High School9am - 1pm
4/27/18Richmond Little Feet MeetHuguenot High School9am - 1pm
4/30/18Colonial Heights Little Feet MeetColonial Heights High School9am - 1pm
4/30/18Essex Meet in the MiddleEssex High School9am - 1pm
5/1/18Henrico Little Feet MeetJR Tucker High School9am - 1pm
5/2/18Henrico Meet in the MiddleCollegiate School9am - 1pm
5/5/18Loudoun Little Feet MeetFreedom High School9am - 1pm
5/16/18Bedford Big Feet MeetLiberty High School9am - 1pm
5/24/18Prince William Little Feet MeetSaunders Middle School9am - 1pm
5/30/18Falls Church Little Feet MeetMary Ellen Henderson Middle School9am - 1pm
6/1/18Portsmouth Little Feet Meet Wilson High School9am - 1pm
until October
Campbell Little Feet MeetRustburg High School
until the fall
Lynchburg Little Feet MeetHeritage High School
until the fall
Arlington Little Feet Meet
until the fall
Lexington-Rockbridge Big Feet MeetRockbridge High School